The Crossbuck BBQ Story

Study Texas BBQ and you’ll quickly learn that there are 4 styles of Texas BBQ…East, West, South and Central.  In fact, cities in Central Texas have already laid claim to the titles of Barbecue Capital of Texas (Lockhart) and Sausage Capital of Texas (Elgin).  So what about North Texas and they get any respect?

Tim's Quest to put Dallas BBQ on the Map

Famed pitmaster Tim McLaughlin

Famed pitmaster Tim McLaughlin and the team at Crossbuck BBQ are aiming to add a 5th style of Texas BBQ and put Dallas BBQ on the map.  As the co-founder and former pitmaster for Lockhart Smokehouse, Tim already achieved a lot of success helping bring Central Texas BBQ to Dallas, but now it is time for Dallas to shine.  

Helping build Lockhart Smokehouse into the iconic brand that is today has been very fulfilling, but Dallas is my home now and this city deserves its own place among Texas BBQ.  My team and I want to create a type of BBQ that Dallas and North Texas can be proud it can call its own.

BBQ Flavors

While Crossbuck's Dallas style BBQ is still rooted in many of the authentic smoking styles of central Texas, Tim is taking a new approach to his recipes, menu and service levels.  Joined by his longtime friend and fellow pitmaster Damian Avila, Crossbuck BBQ blends “authentic” Central Texas style smoking techniques with flavors from all across Texas, America and the world.

Dallas is one of the most metropolitan cities in the USA and its BBQ should reflect that.  So, we tapped into my experience with French and Asian cooking, Damian's Mexican heritage, and our decade of experience as Texas Pitmasters to create a menu more representative of the Dallas community. 

Central Texas Style Brisket - Dallas Version

Smoked Brisket

First off, Tim and Damian added a little sugar to the rub of their brisket - something many of the "new school" Central Texas Pitmasters eschew.  Tim says that sugar is used in rubs across the USA and he's always included a little sugar in his brisket rubs. 

More About Our Brisket

We use Authentic Central Texas smoking techniques and we never wrap our briskets or use the Texas crutch.  This is why we can use sugar and create a brisket that both honors tradition while creating a smoked brisket unique to Dallas.

KC Burnt Ends with a Texas Twist

Brisket Candy™ (Burnt Ends)

Next, our pitmasters added their own version of brisket burnt ends with a Texas Twist!  Affectionately coined Texas Brisket Candy™, Tim replaced traditional BBQ sauce with a modified French gastrique using Texas’s own Shiner Bock beer.  The result...a “flavor explosion” in your mouth.  

More About Brisket Candy

Smoked Sausage

Dallas Style Smoked Sausage

For Crossbuck's menu, Tim and Damian replaced the basic beef sausage and "hot links" associates with Texas BBQ joints.  Rather, they use all fresh, natural ingredients – not yesterday’s scraps – and replaced the spicy jalapeños with fresh, smoked poblano peppers.  They also create fun combinations like a black bean burrito or Flamin’ Hot Cheetos sausages as Specials. 

More About Texas Sausage

Side Dishes with Turkey

An Evolved Menu

As for the rest of the menu, Tim and Damian replaced the traditional slices of white bread with fresh baked rolls and added some very non-traditional BBQ sides like salads and grilled vegetables to extend the appeal of BBQ to a much greater demographic.

Desserts & Daily Specials

Tim also knows that Dallas likes variety. So, he taps into his fine dining roots and works with his team to create daily features like smoked beef ribs and prime rib along with unique sides and a bread-pudding-of-the-day dessert.

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A New Approach to Service

Finally, Tim knew Dallas residents were busy people.  They don't want to wait in line forever just to find out that the brisket and ribs were out.  

I know that a lot of BBQ joints pride themselves on their long lines and the fact that they run out of meat by 11 AM, but we feel that this type of service is horrible for the customer. By offering plates and setting up our counter-service operation in a very efficient manner, we are able to keep lines moving very quickly, provide the convenience of online ordering, and we rarely run out of meats.

Our New Approach to Service

Crossbuck BBQ is open seven days a week.  With its newly inspired recipes, innovative menu and new approach to service, it is quickly becoming the pride of Dallas BBQ.  The restaurant features indoor and patio seating, takeout, catering and a wide variety of special events during the year.