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Have a question about BBQ?  As Crossbuck’s barbecue researcher, writer, traveler and historian, I will help you explore the art and science of BBQ by not only asking Crossbuck's incredibly knowledgeable and experienced chef-pitmasters, but also doing my own research and getting the perspective of other experts, backyard BBQers and more.

Crossbuck BBQ's Texas Pitmasters Tim and Damian

Your Texas Pitmasters

For most topics, I interview Crossbuck's Chef-Pitmasters Tim McLaughlin and Damian Avila.  Together, they have smoked millions of pounds of meats including over 200,000 Central Texas style briskets and established themselves as two of the top pitmasters in Texas.

Brisket Smoking Classes

Free Brisket Smoking Class

Our signature class at Smokin U features a 10-part video from Tim and Damian's Brisket Smoking Class along with Q&A all about to dos and don'ts of smoking a Central Texas style brisket.

Free Brisket Smoking Class

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Texas BBQ Styles

The BBQ Styles of Texas

While Texas BBQ is best known for beef, the state features a number of styles including the famous wood-fired, low 'n slow method of Central Texas.

Burnt Ends

What are Burnt Ends?

Learn about the history of burnt ends, the famous Playboy article, how they differ from Brisket Candy™, and other types of burnt ends.

Crossbuck BBQ Brisket Being Sliced

What exactly is Central Texas Style Smoked Brisket?

In this class, we provide a quick review of the elements and methods involved in smoking a Central Texas style brisket.

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