Brisket Candy™ (Burnt Ends)

Kansas City may be the birthplace of burnt ends and Arthur Bryant may be their king, but Tim felt that Texas needed its own version of burnt ends – especially given that Texas is The Undisputed Brisket Capital of the World.  

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Crossbuck’s Signature Brisket Candy™ is shipped nationwide in convenient 1-pound, vacuum-sealed, oven-safe bags. Includes:

  • Smoked and Cubed Central-Texas Burnt Ends
  • Seasoning Packet
  • Easy-to-follow Heating and Mixing Instruction

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Close up Image of Crossbuck BBQ's Brisket Candy or Burnt Ends

Honoring the Past

To put Texas-Style Burnt Ends on the map, Tim and the team at Crossbuck BBQ developed a special recipe using their own brisket, their own rub and their own blend of smoke - while still paying homage to Kansas City's original creation.

Fatty Layer Being Cut Off a Huge Texas Style Smoked Brisket

Our Brisket

Like Arthur Bryant, Tim starts his burnt ends by cutting off the fatty layer of one of Crossbuck’s Texas-style, low ‘n slow smoked briskets with its crispy, “sugar-cookie” bark.  

Fatty Layer of Brisket Being Cut into Cubes for Burnt Ends

The Cubing Process

We then place the fatty layer of the brisket on a cutting board and chop it into manageable chunks – ensuring that each piece includes some of the crispy crust.

Burnt Ends Seasonings Featuring Shiner Bock Beer

The "Texas Twist"

To give our Kansas City tradition a bit of a "Texas Twist," we created a heavily-sugared, spice rub and mixed in some of Texas’s own Shiner Bock beer.   

Burnt Ends Being Tossed in Crossbuck BBQ's Sweet Saucy Mixture

The Candying Process

These lovely brisket cubes are then tossed in this "Texas Twist" mixture before being placed back into the smoker for further flavor enhancement. 

Crossbuck BBQ's Brisket Candy or Burnt Ends

The "Brisket Candy" Transformation

In the smoker, Tim’s creation transforms into what we affectionately call “Brisket Candy” - the perfect mixture of intense savory and intense sweet at the same time…basically, a “flavor explosion” in your mouth.


The Texas Trio

Experience the Best of Texas BBQ with our Texas Trio.

  • 1 pound Crossbuck Signature Brisket Candy
  • 1 pound Central-Texas style brisket
  • 1 pound House-Recipe Sausage

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