Meat Sweats, No Regrets Eating Challenge

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Come see us at the restaurant and attempt the Meat Sweats, No Regrets Crossbuck Eating Challenge!
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Taste of Crossbuck Joel Hansen

Featured on Model vs. Food

Celebrity Eater Joel Hansen stopped by our restaurant here in Farmers Branch to see if he could complete the challenge and eat the entire Taste of Crossbuck, by himself, in less than 1 hour - could he complete the Meat Sweats, No Regrets Crossbuck Challenge???

Watch The Biggest BBQ Challenge In Dallas Texas

Taste of Crossbuck

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Want to try the best in Texas BBQ combined with your other favorites like ribs, pulled pork, chicken and turkey?  Our famous Taste of Crossbuck features 7 pounds of our mouthwatering BBQ - one for every night of the week!

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The Taste of Crossbuck includes one pound each of the following meats - all individually wrapped in vacuum sealed bags that can be stored for future enjoyment.

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Taste of Crossbuck Smoked Brisket

Central Texas Style Smoked Brisket

Our Famed Pitmaster builds on his 15 years of brisket smoking experience to deliver a smoked brisket with the perfect combination of tender, smoky flavor and a crisp “sugar cookie crust.”  No wrapping or steaming, Crossbuck brisket is cooked low n’ slow over a blend of post oak, hickory and fruit wood for a truly Texas taste.

Taste of Crossbuck Brisket Candy

Texas Style Brisket Candy™

Kansas City may be the home of burnt ends, but Texas is the brisket capital of the World.  So, rather than mimic some KC creation, Tim and his team of pitmasters created a one-of-a-kind burnt end that Texas can truly call its own.  It features Texas's own Shiner Bock beer and a taste that truly lives up to its name Brisket Candy™. 

Taste of Crossbuck Smoked Sausage

Texas Style Smoked Sausage 

For Crossbuck’s Texas Style Sausage, our fine dining chef, turned famed pitmaster wanted to stray from the practice of using yesterday’s scraps in the sausage to a recipe featuring Fresh, Natural ingredients.  He got rid of the gooey cheese, replaced the jalapeño with smoked poblano peppers and packed it all in an all-natural casing before smoking to perfection.

Taste of Crossbuck Pulled Pork

Black Molasses Pulled Pork

For Crossbuck’s pulled pork, Pitmaster Tim took a traditional Carolina pulled pork recipe, replaced apple juice with “Mexican Coca-Cola” and traded out the apple cider vinegar for a balsamic vinegar to give it a slightly heavier sweetness.  After smoking for about 18-20 hours in Crossbuck’s blend of post oak, hickory, and fruit wood, the meat is pulled and coated with a beautiful, black molasses barbecue sauce reminiscent of a traditional char siu barbecue sauce.

Taste of Crossbuck Smoked Ribs

St.Louis Style Smoked Ribs

Chef-pitmaster Tim combines the best of Memphis, KC and Texas in a St. Louis style rib for Crossbuck's one-of-a-kind creation - seasoned and gently sauced with a bite.

Taste of Crossbuck Smoked Chicken

Soy Smoked Chicken 

Juicy, dark meat, leg quarters marinated for 24 hours in a blend of soy, pickled ginger and olive oil and then transformed through the Crossbuck smoking process.

Taste of Crossbuck Turkey Breast

Smoked Turkey Breast

Crossbuck’s smoked turkey starts with a fresh, authentic, extra-large turkey breast…not some processed, glued together parts designed for a deli case.  It’s brined in a specific celery extract that helps break down the meat while keeping the moisture inside to make it more tender.


The Biggest BBQ Challenge In Dallas Texas

with Joel Hansen