Texas Style Smoked Sausage

When it comes to Texas BBQ, smoked sausage is almost as important as brisket.  It’s typically hot, spicy and often filled with a gooey cheese.  Unfortunately, many BBQ joints use yesterday’s scraps that give the sausage a sinewy texture and bring life to the old adage “you don’t want to know how the sausage is made.”  Crossbuck's House Sausage is different...it's totally focused on Fresh, Natural Ingredients.

Crossbuck BBQ's Fresh Texas-Style Sausage

Fresh, Natural Ingredients

Tim and Damian created Crossbuck’s sausage with a focus on FRESH.  They started with a blend of fresh ground beef and pork, removed the gooey cheese and specified an all-natural casing - all of which give it a texture and flavor that is slightly different than typical Texas BBQ.

Crossbuck BBQ's Smoked Sausage with Fresh, Smoked Poblano Peppers

Fresh Poblano Peppers

Next, they replaced the spicy jalapeño with a fresh smoked poblano pepper that provides a sweeter, more approachable flavor without the excessive spicy heat.  

Crossbuck BBQ's Texas Style Sausage in Smoker

Smoked with Love

Finally, each sausage is Smoked with Love using Crossbuck’s blend of post oak, hickory and fruit wood to give it a sweet, smoky flavor that is certain to delight.

How To Order

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