BBQ & A + Tasting Event

Thanks to Everyone that Attended this Sold Out Event!

Do you or someone you know love great BBQ?  Come and enjoy a night of BBQ knowledge, dinner and drinks with our famed Pitmasters Tim McLaughlin and Damian Avila.  

What you get:  An unforgettable night where you just may learn a few things from the experts!  Tim and Damian won't try to turn you into Pitmasters, but they will entertain you with a little history of Texas BBQ, some education on the authentic method (no wrapping allowed) for smoking a Central Texas style brisket and a demo of Crossbuck's signature Brisket Candy™.  The event includes a drink of your choice, demos in the kitchen and smoke room where you can ask Tim and Damian all the questions you ever had about how to make great BBQ, and then eating the BBQ, of course! 

Packages can include gift baskets

We've made it easy with a Crossbuck Gift Basket. The recipient can take their newfound knowledge and practice at home with their new rubs!  Each gift basket includes...

Gift baskets can be picked up at the restaurant after purchasing online. OR, you can purchase gift baskets in the restaurant. 

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