Smoked Turkey

When Tim started barbecuing turkey for Dallas over a decade ago, Texans threw their hands up in the air.  "You don't barbecue turkey," they said.  Well, to Tim, there's nothing much more American than turkey and since Crossbuck represents the crossroads of American BBQ, he felt it was important to make smoked turkey part of our everyday menu.

Crossbuck BBQ's fresh turkey smoked to perfection

Our Turkeys

We start with a fresh, beautiful, extra-large turkey breast.  Like the breast from a real turkey…not the processed turkey breasts that have been glued together and kind of reformed and turned into the big hunk of meat you see in the deli case.

Crossbuck BBQ's smoked turkey being seasoned prior to smoking

Brined & Seasoned

Next, we brine the turkey in a very specific celery extract which helps break down the meat while keeping the moisture inside to make it more tender.  Then, we season it with a variety of spices to impart additional layers of flavor before placing it into the smoker.

Famed Pitmaster Tim McLaughlin Pulling a Crossbuck BBQ smoked turkey out of Smoker

Smoked with Love

The turkey is then cooked low ‘n slow in our custom-built offset smokers for about 4 to 5 hours using our blend of post oak, hickory and fruit wood smoke for a flavor that is undeniably good.

Crossbuck BBQ's Smoked Turkey being sliced

Sliced to Order

If you come into the restaurant we will cut it to order for you and it’s a great option to complement some of the heavier items on the menu whether you are ordering a plate or dinner for the entire family. 

How To Order

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