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BBQ Smoked with Love

Our everyday menu pays homage to Texas brisket and sausage, Carolina pork, Memphis ribs, Kansas City burnt ends while putting our own spin on each item. We then go beyond traditional "Q" with our own smoked prime rib, turkey, chicken and salmon...all complemented by our uniquely-flavored sides made from all fresh ingredients.

Smoked Meats and Sides


Crossbuck BBQ Smoked Prime Rib

Texas-Style Smoked Meats

All of our smoked meats are designed with unique, layered flavors and then cooked "low 'n slow" in our wood-fired smokers using a blend of oak, hickory and fruit wood.

Crossbuck BBQ Sides

Chef-Inspired Sides

For our sides, we let our minds wander a bit from the traditional BBQ fare.  Each dish features fresh ingredients that provide a bit of a layered and heightened flavor to truly delight the senses.

Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - Featured Daily Specials

Featured Specials

Each day, our “Think Tank" of chefs features 3-6 special items.  From smoked octopus and wild boar ribs to fun sandwiches, unique sides and delicious desserts, they will always keep you guessing.


While all meats and sides can be ordered a la carte, our BBQ Plates are our most popular items.

• Includes over a half pound of meat, 2 sides of your choice & Crossbuck Roll
• Looking for a Two Meat Plate? Just go ½ and ½.

• Still not enough…try The Big Boy, The High Five or order A La Carte

Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - Texas Style Brisket Plate

Texas Style Brisket Plate

Crossbuck's original recipe, Central Texas style brisket...the Gold Standard. (GF)


Crossbuck BBQ Dallas Brisket Candy - Burnt Ends Plate

Brisket Candy™

Traditional burnt ends with a Texas Twist.  Candied and smoked to perfection in a blend of sugar, spice and Shiner Bock beer. 


Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - Texas Style Smoked Sausage Plate

CB’s House Sausage Plate

House recipe beef and pork blend sausage with smoky poblano peppers.


ribs plate

St. Louis Style Pork Ribs Plate

Cooked to the perfect bite and finished with CB spiced local honey and CB BBQ sauce.


Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - Black Molasses Pulled Pork Plate

Black Molasses Pork Butt Plate

Our pulled pork...kicked up a notch with black molasses, Hoisin sauce and secret spices...tell your cool friends about it.


Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - Smoked Turkey Plate

Brass Collar Turkey Breast Plate

Marinated and rubbed with our savory herb blend...juicy and sophisticated. (GF)


Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - Smoked Prime Rib Plate

Smoked Prime Rib Plate 

Seared in "bacon fat" and coated with our cracked pepper rub. (GF)
Available All Fridays, Featured Other Days


Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - Citrus-Glazed Smoked Salmon Plate

Citrus Glazed Salmon Plate

Thoughtfully sourced and gently smoked with citrus...the jogger's BBQ. (GF)
Available All Sundays, Featured Other Days


Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - Soy-smoked BBQ Chicken Plate

Smoked Chicken Legs Plate

Juicy dark meat chicken, marinated with soy, ginger and secret spices...shhh!


big boy

The Big Boy

2 Medium Meats (over 1 lb of meat), 2 Sides and a Roll


the high five

The High Five

Any Five Meats on the Menu (Dine In Only)


kids meal

Kids Meal

Kids Portions of Meat, Side and Roll



Almost every day, our talented chefs add a “special” item to the menu. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see these daily creations or view the slider below for some of their past creations.

Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - Smoked Beef Ribs

Beef Ribs

Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - Brisket and Sausage Sandwich

Smoky Poblano Sausage, Brisket and Miso Honey Slaw on a CB Roll

Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - crossbuck adobo chicken

Adobo Chicken

Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - pulled pork and burnt end sandwich

Pulled Pork and Burnt Ends with a Sweet and Spicy Slaw and Feta…all on our House Roll with an Olive Skewer

Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - prime rib burnt ends

Prime Rib Burnt Ends

Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - pork belly lollipops

Pork Belly Lollipops

Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - smoked chicken wings

Wings Made Your Way! Buffalo, Lemon Pepper or Black Molasses

Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - chicken lollipops

Chicken Lollipops


Crossbuck BBQ Dallas - fresh baked bread

Fresh Baked Bread

Unlike traditional Texas BBQ restaurants that pair your meal with a piece of white bread designed for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we fresh bake our seasoned, “Crossbuck-crosscut," house rolls every 30-40 minutes.

Fresh Baked Bread

beverages typically available at Crossbuck BBQ Dallas

Beverages for Everyone

In addition to a wide assortment sodas, teas, Agua Frescas, and beers, we offer Texas’s own Shiner Bock beer and a periodic selection from our friends at Odd Muse Brewery…as well as frozen margaritas and the finest canned wine on the planet.