Crossbuck BBQ Sauces

sauce and smoked meat

BBQ Sauce?

While traditional Texas barbecue often eschews sauce, Crossbuck BBQ knows that a lot of people love BBQ sauce.  So, while every menu item is designed to delight your tastebuds without these sauces, they'll be there when you want them.  

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Buy Local - Central Market

We are proud to announce that Crossbuck BBQ Sauces are now available at all Central Market locations. Support Local!

ship sauce nationwide

Ship Sauce Nationwide

Your favorite Crossbuck BBQ Sauces can now be enjoyed across the country. Ship 3-packs or 6-packs of the Warrior or Carnicero Sauces today!

We have two exciting sauces designed to punch you in the face with flavor...not literally.

Crossbuck BBQ Warrior Sauce

Warrior Sauce

Named after our culinary warrior, Chef Tim, the Warrior Sauce is modeled after a midwestern style from Tim's childhood, but designed "For the Beast in You."  It's tomato-based, a little on the thicker side, not strong in vinegar, sweet undertones and a spicy kick.

Crossbuck BBQ Carnicero Sauce

Carnicero Sauce

Our second sauce is named after Chef Damian, the "Butcher"...or in español...El Carnicero.  Like Damian, it's a bit sweeter and more approachable.  It too is a tomato-based sauce with hints of mustard which pairs well with every item on the menu.