Soy Smoked Chicken

Given the popularity of chicken and our mission of being the Crossroads of American BBQ, we definitely wanted to feature a chicken item on our everyday menu.  So, we looked at some of the most popular BBQ chicken joints in the country, tested various recipes and ultimately decided to do something totally different.

Crossbuck BBQ's soy smoked, dark meat chicken on the smoker

Juicy, Dark Meat Chicken

First, knowing that dark meat was more ideally suited for our Low 'n Slow smoking process, our chicken recipe started with a juicy leg quarter.

Famed Pitmaster Tim McLaughlin marinating chicken

Marinated for 24 Hours

We take these juicy leg quarters, marinate them for 24 hours in a blend of soy, pickled ginger, and olive oil and then season them with our poultry spices.

Crossbuck BBQ's Soy-smoked chicken leg quarters

Smoked with Love

Once we set these juicy, marinated leg quarters in the smokers, something special happens.  The soy's flavor changes when it is exposed to the smoke.  It's different.  It takes on a very unique and strong flavor that has a certain je ne sais quoi.  It's hard to describe, but it tastes great.

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