Best Knife for Slicing Brisket

What kind of Knives are best for slicing brisket?

Tim:  Simply put...we use long, serrated knives.

Why serrated?

For starters…because we like to flip them up in the air and catch them…which is cool. 

More importantly, one of the key elements of a Central Texas style brisket is its sugar cookie crust - that hard crust that we have on our briskets here at Crossbuck BBQ.  We need a knife that will cut through that cleanly.

The meat is incredibly tender so if it were not for this crust, we could use a knife that was not serrated.  However, with our briskets, that knife is going to get pretty dull after cutting a couple of briskets - not an ideal situation when we're cutting 50 briskets a day.   

So, we use these nice long, serrated knives to make sure we can get through that crust and get a nice clean cut.  The knife has to be long enough to cut the length of the brisket even though we start off with the tip and then kind of work our way gently through the meat. 

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