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It is important to note that the equipment you use will undoubtedly have a significant impact on how you should smoke your brisket.  Realistically, cooking on many backyard smokers will be akin to trying to sink a long putt on a fast, undulating green with a 7-iron.  Not impossible, but it definitely is going to make your job tougher.

Crossbuck smoker

Our Smokers

At Crossbuck BBQ, we utilize custom-made, wood-fired, offset, box smokers from MGrills, manufacturers of the best commercial smokers for restaurants.  These works of art are made using heavy-gauge steel that provides excellent thermal retention and weigh in at about 5-1/2 tons.  They are outfitted with multiple racks so we can smoke various meats at slightly different temperatures within the smoker.

Our Smoke Room

Plus, Crossbuck's smokers are housed in a smoker room that provides even more control over environmental factors like wind and temperature that can affect the cooking process.  Watch this video to learn a little more.

So, when we talk about the need to control variables to ensure consistency, utilizing these custom-built smokers in controlled smoke room is one of our “secrets to success.”

Our Advice

With that said, don’t give up all hope on smoking a good Central Texas style brisket just because your spouse won’t let you invest $100,000 in a commercial smoker and converting your garage into a smoke room.  That’s probably overkill and may get you in trouble with your local fire department and HOA.

What to look for in a Backyard Smoker...

For more background on Smokers and Smoke Rooms, watch this video.

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Crossbuck BBQ Smoked Brisket

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Crossbuck BBQ Smoked Brisket

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