Dallas Area's Best Restaurant for Large Groups & Big Parties

With plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and efficient counter-service ordering, Crossbuck BBQ is an ideal option for large groups, parties, and sports teams looking for a restaurant that can accommodate their needs.


Seating for Over
200 Guests

Our restaurant features a clean, air-conditioned indoor dining room that can accommodate 90 guests while our outdoor patio has seating for another 120.

Smoked Prime Rib

Quick Service

Crossbuck BBQ was designed for speed.  We combine counter service ordering with a kitchen and restaurant design that is optimized for delivering fresh food fast!

Crossbuck Plates

Plates or Family
Style Meals

Meals can be ordered as plates or family style.   Plates feature 1-2 meats, 2 sides and a fresh baked roll, but both meats and sides can be ordered in bulk for sharing as well.

Vegetarian and gluten free options

Vegetarian &
Gluten-Free Options

Our everyday menu includes many gluten free options including smoked turkey, brisket, prime rib and salmon as well as our smoked and roasted potatoes, hominy, vegetables and salad.

We also take a lot of pride in our side dishes at Crossbuck BBQ – most of which fit into the typical vegetarian diet.  We use fresh ingredients and design each dish with a unique flavor that is sure to excite.  If you don’t mind waiting and the line is not too long, we can often whip up a quick order of smoked tofu too. 



With an offering of more than 20 beverages, Crossbuck is sure to have the ideal drink to complement your meal.  We offer more than 10 sodas, frozen drinks, brewed teas, Agua Frescas, canned wine and a number of popular beers including a periodic selection from our friends at Odd Muse Brewery.


Feel free to call us at 214-765-4019 to check on current availability or to possibly reserve some space for your group.