Our Back Story

While Crossbuck BBQ opened for business in April of 2022, our Chef-Pitmaster, Tim McLaughlin, has been treating the people of Dallas to some of the best BBQ in Texas since 2010.  As the co-founder of Lockhart Smokehouse, Tim was responsible for helping bring "Authentic" Central-Texas style, never-wrapped, brisket to the Dallas area.

His journey from gourmet chef to Texas Pitmaster began when he was approached by Jill Bergus, the step-granddaughter of the famous Edgar “Smitty” Schmidt of Kreuz Market - arguably one of the most famous BBQ joints in Texas.  She and her husband recruited Tim to help them bring Central-Texas style BBQ to Dallas.

Tim spent time observing some of the most famous Pitmasters in Lockhart, Texas while gaining an appreciation for the traditions of Central Texas BBQ.  He then used his amazing culinary skills and expertise to craft its vision from the start. 

Over the next decade, Tim and fellow Pitmaster Damian Avila focused on honoring these traditions of Central Texas BBQ and helped Lockhart Smokehouse earn numerous accolades.  Along the way, Tim rubbed elbows with Aaron Franklin while on the set of the TV show BBQ Pitmasters and met with Jimmy Fallon’s Guillermo when the show stopped at Lockhart Smokehouse.  

As the restaurant’s original pitmaster and executive chef, he earned a certain amount of fame, but always preferred to stay out of the limelight.  He was happier cooking, smoking meats and training the next generation of pitmasters.

With Crossbuck BBQ, Tim and Damian are now pursuing their dream of creating some of the most innovative BBQ on the planet - featuring all new recipes and using a new blend of smoke while staying true to the low 'n slow, never-wrap, smoking techniques used for over 100 years in Central Texas.