Our Smoke

One of the keys to making great Central Texas style BBQ is getting the right blend of wood - a blend that will yield a smoke with the flavors you desire.  So, when Tim and Damian sat down to develop Crossbuck's smoke, they wanted a blend that provided just the right amount of smokiness with a touch of sweetness.  The result is a blend of post oak, hickory and fruit or pecan wood.

hickory wood

Post Oak

Typically considered the best wood for smoking brisket, post oak provides a mild, smoky flavor and produces a consistent heat that is ideal for virtually all of the meats we smoke at Crossbuck BBQ.  Like many of the original BBQ joints in Central Texas, we use post oak as the primary fuel for our offset, wood-fried smokers. 

crossbuck wood smoked


Given the mellow nature of post oak, our pitmasters add in a little hickory to give Crossbuck's Q a little more flavor while tying in some East Texas influences and appealing a bit more to one's sense of smell.


crossbuck wood smoked

Fruit & Pecan Woods

Finally, to impart some sweetness and bring out the sugars in the rub, Tim and his team rotate in various fruit woods like apple, pecan or cherry.